Anil Jain, Producer

Anil intuitively picked up the intricacies of film production while working hands-on at Venus Worldwide Entertainment, which is also his home. He chose to explore newer territories and started his own advertising production house – Venus Productions. With a vision to create work that stands out, he made the production house synonymous with creative finesse, perfectionism and unparalleled professionalism in a matter of few years. Together with advertising Anil also worked as EP in Hindi and South Indian movies.

Anil believes in challenging himself and continues to expand his horizons. With his dynamic experience in features, music and advertising, he has never found himself limited by any medium. He is currently involved in producing music and is in the process of developing projects for web and feature films.

Muskaan Khan Thakur, Executive Producer

Muskaan started working very early and that makes her working experience much more valuable. Her two major stints include working with Venus Productions and Cutawayy Films as Executive Producer. Apart from that she has done multiple other projects in advertising, feature films, music videos et al, over 15 years.

Muskaan has effortlessly handled projects with elaborate production set ups and brought them to successful and smooth finish. She can boast of strong coordination between teams, strategic planning, smooth execution and efficient budgeting for biggest of the projects. Multitasking comes naturally to her as she is at complete ease while juggling between projects and teams.

Having worked across mediums, Muskaan has a 360ยบ approach to every problem. That paired with her creative side, together gives her an edge and leads the team through situations which seem sticky. All this said, after working on so many challenging projects, she still believes that the best is yet to come.